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WARNING – DO NOT BUY Triactol before you READ THIS!

This product has been taking the market by storm, Triactol caters to females that have less-than-perfect breasts and are interested in having quick and noticeable results.

Triactol Clinical Efficacy

An open-label survey was carried on 16 healthy female subjects to measure the efficacy of the bust serum in breast enhancement, in terms of enlargement, lifting and firming. This study as well assessed product acceptation in terms of product texture, scent, practical application, assimilation and user satisfaction. A Clinical Research investigator studied the measurements of this survey and based on quantitative and qualitative measurements, the key parameters and results are shown as follows:

  1. Substantial improvements in terms of lifting, firming and enlargement are accomplished after 21 days of application
  2. Visible improvement of bust appearance (experienced by up to 94% of subjects) are achieved after six weeks
  3. 81% of the subjects experienced improved self confidence afterward using Triactol™
  4. Were reported noticeable reduction in wrinkles & stretch marks on the bust area

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About Triactol

Triactol Chart


1. Data on File. SmithMeyersLaboratories. “Bust Serum Efficacy Trial (2nd Generation Bust Serum – 9F02)” n=16 subjects, 42 days. Internal trial. July – August 2009

2. Based on EN 13402, European standard for labeling clothes sizes, 1 cup size range is 2cm. [WWW] <> (31st March 2009). Up to 3cm increase in bust

3. Wikipedia article about Breast Augmentation (with surgery).

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